Selected university courses which I have prepared and taught:

  • MJZ – Mikrokontrolery Jednoukładowe i ich Zastosowania / One-chip Microcontrollers and their Applications (in Polish) – lectures, projects, labs
  • EMISY – Microprocessor Systems (in English) – lectures, projects, labs
  • TMIK – Podstawy Techniki Mikroprocesorowej / Microprocessor Fundamentals (in Polish) – lectures, labs
  • WZAP – Wprowadzenie do Zarządzania Projektami / Introduction to Project Management (in Polish) – lectures, projects
  • IPM – Introduction to Project Management (in English, for ATHENS Programme and Kyoto Computer Gakuin) – lectures, projects
  • IDS – Introduction to Digital Systems (in English) – lectures
  • EKSC – Elementy Konstrukcji Systemów Cyfrowych / Elements of Digital Systems Design (in Polish) – lectures

Selected courses that I taught for commercial companies (each course covered 16 to 35 class hours – lectures and projects; all courses given in Polish):

  • Podstawy Zarządzania Projektami / Project Management Fundamentals
  • Praca nad Projektem / Working on the Project
  • Zarządzanie Projektami Informatycznymi / IT Project Management
  • Skuteczne Zarządzanie Projektami / Efficient Project Management
  • Zarządzanie Projektami dla Kierowników Projektów / Project Management for Project Managers
  • Zarządzanie Ryzykiem / Risk Management
  • Harmonogramowanie Prac / Scheduling
  • Efektywne Techniki Prezentacji / High Impact Presentations

List of supervised B.Sc. and M.Sc. thesis can be found here

In the case you are one of my Polish students, you can find some may-be-valuable information here.